Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweet as can be & a decision made.

At the beginning of August I co-hosted my best friend's baby shower. Of course, I wanted to try out some new ideas and made a ton of stuff for her using ruffles galore! Little Miss Olivia is going to be one stylish little girl after all of the new things I made with my little ol' sewing machine. 

At the time I had made all these new things I thought to myself, "What great stuff to add to my shop!" but have since made a big decision. I have closed my shop until further notice. 

School started this past week, with me teaching a brand new grade than ever before. I have decided that I want to focus my energy on 1) my family 2) teaching and 3) my blog & some big things that will be coming up on there in the weeks to come. I've been feeling pulled in so many directions and something had to take a backseat the the others, and the shop was it. I still plan on sewing because I truly do enjoy it. & eventually if I feel like I've caught up on all the other things going on in our life, maybe the shop will open back up.  

Please don't hesitate to email me though if there is something you really are interested in purchasing. Depending on how life is going that week, it may just be something I can still do for you. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Items: Floral Felt Pins!

Even though this shop is so far focused on the little one's in a momma's life...I thought it might be nice to add some pretties for the momma's themselves! Check out these know you want one! Head on over to my shop (in the link in the sidebar) and order yourself one...or two, or three, etc...

More colors & styles to come so keep a look out for new, new, new!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Items: Super Capes!

The newest item in the shop is something I think is so much fun! 

After making the apron I got the idea to make super hero capes and totally had to start with one for my very own little super hero! Tucker picked out his fabric, this one because it had yellow, his new favorite color. 

What little boy (or girl!) wouldn't love to turn into their very own super hero with the help of one of these? I'm thinking Tucker's 4th (okay, I almost wrote 3rd because I cannot believe he'll be four!) birthday might even have a super hero theme with these little guys as the favor for each friend!

 {Super Tucker!}

 {It makes him run speedy fast!}

{Gotta hang up the cape at the end of a busy day of being super!}

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another order...for twins again!

My MIL placed an order right after the shop opened for burp cloths for a friend of hers at work. A friend that is expecting twin boys. Names have yet to be decided, so there were no personalization in these, but I did add ribbon to some of them. I've got some more fun burp cloths to share from my friend Lynn's baby shower & the extra details I added to her burp cloths as well.

Many of the orders that fill my time right now are for people I know or through people I know. I'm hoping the shop will pick up some soon (I've purchased an ad spot for the summer...more on that later). Not that I'm not crazy busy with end of the year teaching stuff as it is, but once summer hits, I'd love to be able to spend more time working on orders & growing the business. The capes I'm working on adding to the shop are almost ready & uber cute! I can't wait to give Tucker his & have a little photo shoot! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Taggie for Jackson

My first official order via Etsy was from a friend I went to school with. When I say went to school with, I mean from elementary school on up!

Lucy had her first son, Jackson, in October and it brought so many memories of when I had Tucker flooding back to me. Jackson's birthday is October 10 (yes, 10.10.10) and Tucker was born October 11 (just three years before!) so every first she puts makes me remember those same firsts with Tucker. & it makes my ovaries ache for another little boy!

I was excited to work on this blanket for Jackson & just love the photo she sent me of him with it! Could he be any more handsome?!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Got Twins?

I was contacted a few weeks ago by my friend (who hasn't updated her blog in sometime!) Meagan's Aunt Sherri for a custom order. She had seen the blanket & burp cloths I had made for Meagan at her baby shower and thought of me when her neighbor recently had twins. Lucky for me my business is up & running and I was able to take this order. We decided to go with a coordinating fabric for the twin's blankets, seeing as they are boy/girl twins. I think they turned out just precious (if I do say so myself!)

I can't wait for her neighbor to get these blankets & the little bundles of joy to start lovin' on them as well.

Oh...and my business cards came in! My phone number is on them although I cropped it out in this picture. I totally forgot to put my email address on them though, so I've been writing it on the back with each order.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Items!

A friend from work mentioned the need for a three year old birthday present and asked if I was able to do aprons. & it just so happened that one of the projects on my list of things to add to the shop was kid's aprons. This gave me the little boost I needed to get this piece ready for the shop & now for sale.

It turned out better than I imagined & I cannot wait to start working on some more color/pattern combinations! Enjoy!

{Customize it with your initials!}


{I decided to make some matching pot holders! Cute, right!?}